Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What to Expect When Booking an Escort for the First Time

If you have never booked with an escort before, you may be a little nervous or apprehensive. This is perfectly normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. Many first time punters feel a little uneasy when they first make an appointment, but with the right kind of company, all of those nerves and concerns eventually disappear. This guide will give you an idea of what to expect the first time you book an escort companion.

  • Arrival and greeting

When you first meet, your escort companion will do everything she can to set you at ease. This usually involves a little small talk and perhaps a drink of something. Rather than being demanding or rude, always use good manners as this makes for a far more pleasurable experience for everybody involved. If you are meeting in a public place, such as a restaurant or bar, remember to be discrete. Nobody else needs to know that you are seeing an escort and to all intents and purposes, you are just another couple spending some time together.

  • Pay in advance 

This is standard practice in the escort industry and means that you can enjoy the time you have together as much as possible, without worrying about getting money out of the cash machine half way through your appointment. Once you have paid, London escorts will sometimes contact their agency to let them know the transaction has taken place and that they have arrived safely.

  • Your time together

What takes place between you and your escort companion is private business between two consenting adults. Always be clear and honest about what you would like to do as this will avoid any awkward situations. Generally, this part of the arrangement is discussed over the phone when you make your booking or with the escort girl as soon as she arrives. In some cases, punters are happy to extend the time they have paid for, but this is not guaranteed. If you do feel as if you need to spend a little longer together, the escort will need to check that she is available and also let her agency know this is happening.

  • After the booking is over

Manners and courtesy cost nothing, so perhaps offer your escort companion a drink of water or a cup of tea if you are at home. If you have enjoyed your experience together, do let the girl know. A thank you and a kind word can mean a lot to anybody.

  • A Few Things to Remember
If you haven’t booked with an escort before, you may not be aware of these commonly accepted standards of behaviour.
  • Never show up drunk or after using drugs. This is disrespectful and dangerous. 
  • Always shower and take care of your personal hygiene, this is obvious to many, but some punters can forget. 
  • Try to ensure that you arrive to your booking on time. 
  • Always give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. 
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. That’s why you are there. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Why You Should Book Our London Escorts?

Crush Escorts would like to give you a very warm welcome to our superb London escorts agency which is home to over 100 beautiful ladies and this is growing with every passing week! We have been in the game now for a year and we have already overcome objectives and there will be big things to come at our agency.

The banner image from Crush Escorts, The London escort Agency.
Crush Escorts - London Escort Agency
We believe we offer the best girls around in London based on characteristics, looks and their ability to charm you, men. We believe that the girls we have to showcase to you will a passionate and erotic night and an overall high-class escorts experience!

an image taken of the London Escort Donna from The London escort Agency, Crush Escorts.
Crush Escorts - Donna

When it comes to booking the perfect London escort we like to reinstate to you that our agency is 100% professional and we take your personal information extremely seriously!

an image taken showing an example of what personal data truly is.
Personal Information
This means when it comes down to booking your companion from Crush Escorts you can be in confidence that you are booking without your details being exposed, this basically means we will not pass on any details you supply us when dealing with your bookings and we will also not sell your personal data as we understand how annoying this can be when you are getting a lot of spam email.

Book your companion today and let us become your number one choice London escort agency, we will provide you with a 5* star escorts experience every time you book with us! Visit our website today and decide which girl you will be treating to dinner

Friday, 6 May 2016

Escort Eieftine: A blog for escort related content by multiple authors

This blog has been created by over 15 prominent web authors. Mainly Because we don't have anywhere to put up escort articles on our own non-adult sites, we have made Escort Eieftine, a blog for all of our escort content.

An image taken of Content writing.
Content Writing
Expect lots of content regarding the United Kingdom escort industry and all of its nitty gritty secrets. Expect guides on how to book an escort in your favourite city. Expect listings of the best bars and hotels to bring your escort to. Essentially, expect content that will be of interest to any punter, lady or gentlemen who is involved in the adult industry.

So welcome to Escort Eieftine, come to us if you want to read unbiased content about escorts from a series of authors.

Feel free to make requests or ask questions and one of our team will help you out! 

While you are here I would highly recommend that you take a trip over to the Crush Escorts website and check what Mayfair escorts they have in store for you.